Srilanka is a developing country so the youth education will play a major role in the development of our country. The Darken part of the Educational structure in Srilanka has been a distressing issue for past several decades.

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Over the last few weeks we have gone through all the Scenarios and selected the scenario  number two which is related to the education of the rural students. Why we have selected this scenario. Srilanka is a developing country so the youth education will play a major role in the development of our country. The Darken part of the Educational structure in Srilanka has been a distressing issue for past several decades. Though many schemes have been launched to improve the scenario, the condition of the rural education in Srilanka continues to be miserable. Issues like the professionally trained teachers not willing to work in rural areas, Lack of facilities and infrastructure and Lack of soft skills among students. As a results, there is a huge gap between urban area students and the rural area students. E-Learning can be the key to unlock the challenges faced by the rural students and help Srilanka bridge this gap. The ultimate goal of this solution is creating network to connect good-will from experts to help the rural area students. As this is a non profit project it is not efficient to invest a large volume to this project, therefore establishing a website would be a good choice. Since the teachers voluntarily support this website there would be no need to hire them and as long as the school has a computer and  internet connection this idea could be efficiently implemented.


The product 


Over View It is a website with many features which assists students in their education. It provides with access to vast amount of learning materials. It is a good learning management system which shapes the information and adds learnability quotient to it. The world of E-learning system is vast but with a right knowledge of the management it is possible to get. We are providing that kind of facility through our website, such that we will be including lecture videos for each seperate subjects categorized by grades.  So students and teachers can find the relevant videos easily. And also we have different features for different grade students like the small age people’s user interface is with more pictures than phrases so that they can access and get the relevant knowledge easily. The main Feature in our website is it can be viewable in all three languages. Also we are conducting the online exams categorized by grades, which is already marked and stored. So with an ease, students can be able to get there results at once after they are done with exams. It also allows them to test themselves on what they have learned.


Key benefits & features 


In our website we are having five Important features


1)Recorded Sessions – In this section we are having lecture videos for the related subjects with grade wise separation. And the lecture videos are according to government syllabus. For every chapter we are having explanations from a professional volunteer lecturer. Lecture videos will be in all three languages. 2)Discussion Board (Questions and Answer) – While watching the lecture videos students may get doubts. They can ask their doubts through this feature. When they ask the doubt it will notify to the relevant lecturer and then that lecturer will clear their doubts. So there will be a clear interaction between the students and the lecturers.

3)Request for Equipment – This section is useful for the rural schools. Through this section they can ask the essential equipments like projector, WiFi routers etc from us. When they apply it will notify us and we can help from donation funds. 4)Donation- In this section volunteers from urban areas can donate. When a volunteer clicked the donation button there will be two sections, one is online transaction through this he/she can transfer the amount. The other one will provide information on a bank account to which he/she can directly deposit. This section will also display equipments that are requested by the schools. The volunteer can donate to the equipment, and once enough donation is collected, the equipment will be provided to the school. And photos of it will be uploaded to our website. This will show the volunteers what their donation is used for and will encourage more volunteers to donate. 5)Volunteer for Video-  Through this section volunteer lecturers can upload the videos, once they upload we’ll review that particular video and if it is good then we’ll upload it to the relevant lecture section. And we will also give reputations to that particular lecturer like Stackoverflow  and Github by recording their contribution and the review from schools and students.


Relevance of the product for the given Problem 


The main problem of this Scenario is lack of teachers in rural areas. Through our website we are providing good lectures from professional lecturers and we are also providing virtual guidance for the students through question and answer sessions. With this website schools from rural areas can get some latest equipment like projector and WiFi routers , so that their infrastructure will improve, and also students in rural area can learn in the absence of the physical school attendance. By utilizing off-the shelf content, a lot time and effort can be saved. The contents (Lecture Videos, printable notes, etc) once created can be reused multiple times to teach different regions. In rural areas if class rooms replaced by PCs or portable devices connected to the internet may play a major role in attracting as well as retaining more students. A major percentage of rural area students are incapable of reading or writing in English for that problem we are providing students to access our website in all three languages.


The Execution Plan Business & Marketing Plan  


This is a very cost effective project since the website could be hosted using free website hosting sites. The schools are the main target of the business, where academic requirement with least expenses would be highly encouraged.  The website could be published via posters,newspapers and social media. The awareness of this website will be further explicated to the rural schools by writing to their principals in order to serve the most needy students. Donation boxes can be placed in popular shops and supermarkets which will attract the attention of many people. This gains more donation and also serves as an advertisement for the website. These effective marketing strategies will immensely support the development and enrich the application of the website.


Technical Overview 


The heart of our website is the lecture videos to store these lecture videos we need a database(MySQL) and we’ll connect that database through PhP to our main website. For designing part we are planning to use Bootstrap Framework to maintain a pledge of quality, upgradeability and maintainability of

applications at lower cost. For donation part if it is online donation we are planning to make people’s donations through Paypal System because it’s a secured system for transactions. We have five stakeholders Admins , Students, Rural School admins, Lecturers and Common users with login credential. The below diagram explains what are the use cases for them.



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