Serverless Compute Services by Amazon AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Oracle Cloud Fn

Author: Shazin Sadakath


Serverless Compute Services is the newest Trend in Cloud Computing which was preceded by Monoliths and Microservices respectively. If you want to learn about Monoliths and Microservices in advance you can read this article

But in breif when people started to move away from In house Servers to Servers in the Cloud, they started to realize that their bulky all in one Monolith Application Architectures cost more to scale and it couldn't scale by functionality (as a Monolithic Application had every functionality inside one package). Scaling required the entire Monolithic Application to be replicated or cloned behind a Load Balancer which meant that they had to pay to functionalities (User Registration, Payment etc.) which they didn't required to be scaled also. 

This was a problem that needed solving as most of the Cloud Infrastructures were used by Startups and Emerging Market companies which wanted to remain lean and reduce their burn rates. Thus the shift towards Microservices took place where now instead of a one bulky Monolithic packaged application there were multiple applications broken down by the functionality (User Registration, Payment etc.) which talked to each other using a Messaging System or Direct Invocation of the API Interface which each exposed.

But this still meant the Microservices which were running was costing money, even when they weren't being activated. This is becauses Microservices where effectively an Application on their own and required Memory, Processing, Storage etc and running inside of a Server on the Cloud. They were alive even when they don't get any requests to be serviced.

That is where the inception of Serverless Compute Services took place. Serverless Compute Services were ephemeral which meant they will be active on when they have events and can scale up and down based on the no of events it recieves. Which means the users will be billed only for the time where their Serverless Computer Services were active. This meant less money spent.

Amazon AWS has AWS Lambda, Google Cloud has Google Cloud Functions and more recently Oracle Cloud introduced Oracle Cloud Fn

This clearly has the cost benefit to the users but still they require some adaptation as because there may be Third Party API the users must familiarize, the users may also feel vendor lock in. But Serverless Compute Services are catching up and definitely an viable solution for cost conscious businesses. 



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