Microsoft Quantum Computing Dev Kit, Q# Programming

Author: Shazin Sadakath

Microsoft has set its eyes on Quantum Computing now and as promised in last September during their MSIgnite 2017 conference have released a preview of their Quantum Computing Dev Kit.

In Tranditional Computing, information in its smallest form is stored in a Bit in an on or off state and can only be in one given state at a time, Where as in Quantum Computing a QBit (Quantum Computing equivalent of Bit) can be in multiple states simultaneously. This opens door for Programs and Softwares that are previously not possible to be developed in a Traditional Computer.

The Quantum Computing Dev Kit is a preview version which is intended for Early Adopters to get an hands on experience on how to write programs for Quantum Computers. The kit includes a Q# language and compiler, a Q# library, a local quantum computing simulator, a quantum trace simulator and a Visual Studio extension.

Quantum Computing research has been carried out by many big players like IBM, Google, Intel and a host of other companies and startup. Microsoft coming into the scene will increase the popularity of Quantum Computing with Microsoft's signature Operating System being the platform for developers and with the support of highly productive, user friendly development tools they have to offer. Let's see how things progress in the future.



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