The most recent couple of years have been troublesome for the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile projects.

Author: Mohamed Musthaque

The projects have experienced absence of assets and subsidizing and loss of supporters because of an assortment of variables. These joined components have about halted development on both projects. To cure this circumstance the jQuery UI team has chosen to roll out a few improvements in the undertakings' groups notwithstanding how they function. 

Scott Gonzalez has lead the jQuery UI project for a long time now and has enhanced the quality colossally. He has chosen to advance down from driving the task however he will even now be helping in different ways. While trying to best use assets we have chosen to consolidate the 2 groups into a solitary group under the initiative of Alex Schmitz, quite a while jQuery UI contributor and also the lead for jQuery Mobile. This means the consolidated benefactors will have the capacity to serve the projects better, since the both projects are firmly coupled as jQuery Mobile relies on jQuery UI. This does not imply that the both projects will turn into a single project. The both will keep on existing in their own repositories. Be that as it may, we do want to keep lessening the measure of copied code and widgets in the projects moving anything basic to jQuery UI. In the long run, making jQuery Mobile a greater amount of an app framework with every one of the widgets living in jQuery UI. 

Before, when somebody needed to join the jQuery UI or jQuery Mobile groups they anticipated that them would add to the library all in all. They think going ahead this needs to transform; They will now search for and tolerating individuals that are simply keen on keeping up a solitary bit of the library, requiring a substantially littler time commitment. In this way, in the event that somebody is simply intrigued by taking a shot at sortable they could simply lead the sortable widget without contributing to some other parts of the two libraries. This won't take into account more engaged and less tedious commitment yet in addition permit better specialization inside our group. 

In the past they have done all correspondence through IRC. After some time anyway, they have seen an expansive lessening in the quantity of individuals on IRC while different activities have had extraordinary outcomes with less demanding to utilize devices like Slack. Accordingly, we will change to Slack for every day correspondence and gatherings. They trust that this will ease commitments and collaborations with potential new colleagues. Anybody can join the new Slack channel by exploring to 

In conclusion, they are presently extremely intrigued by pulling in new colleagues to the consolidated jQuery UI and jQuery Portable group. Any individual who is intrigued can don't hesitate to contact Alex Schmitz, the new leader for the two tasks, join their slack channel or even discover us on IRC (we are still there). jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile depend on commitments from the community and can just keep on existing with your assistance! 

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