Denial of Service and Double Spending Vulnerability in BitCoin

Author: Shazin Sadakath

BitCoin is arguably the world's most popular and most demanded crypto-currency. As of writing this article 1 BitCoin equals 6,496 US Dollars. Crypto-currencies are backed by block chain technology which is a distributed ledger and has decentralized governance and trust. The software thate makes BitCoin possible is called BitCoin Core which is an open source software written C++, Python and C. As with any software this BitCoin Core is also prone to bugs. 

But recently researchers managed to uncover two major bugs in BitCoin Core which may undermine the trust of the entire BitCoin crypto-currency. One being a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability and the other being Double Spending vulnerability. If you are into the details you can read Jimmy Song's complete analysis here. But thankfully the bugs were identified before any damage could be done and before anyone could have fradulantly bought a Island in the Bahamas with BitCoin. 


If you are running BitCoin nodes for mining then it is advised to update early, update often to the latest version.

Tags: Bitcoin Bug Vulnerability CVE-2018-17144
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