Microsoft Quantum Computing Dev kit now supports Macintosh, Linux and Python

Author: Shazin Sadakath

Last December Microsoft introduced its Quantum Computing Dev Kit as part of its attempt to commercialize the capabilities of Quantum Computing to the masses. The Dev kit included a Q# language and compiler, a Q# library, a local quantum computing simulator, a quantum trace simulator and a Visual Studio extension.

But during its initial release it was only supported in Windows environment. But now Microsoft has made the Dev kit available on both Macintosh and Linux Platforms as well. Furthermore they have made Python interoperable with Q# code enabling Python developers to get started quickly on the Dev kit. Below video shows Jeff Henshaw explaining the latest release it detail.


With this latest release we can expect an increase in usage of this Quantum computing dev kit from Macintosh and Linux users as well as Python developers. Lets wait and see how things turn up for Quantum computing.


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