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Author: Shazin Sadakath

Raspberry Pi was a game changer when it was introduced back in February 2013 and was selling like vanilla ice cream amongst IT Enthusiasts, Hardware Tinkerers, Hackers, etc. If you were living under a rock, Raspberry Pi is a small, embedded, system on a chip, computer that is capable of running on low power, yet powerful enough to carry out much of the day to day tasks expected from a computer. It was more powerful than an Arduino and had built in USB, Ethernet and a generous array of General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins which attracted a lot of hardware enthusiasts who used it in a lot of prototyping projects.

Raspberry Pi celebrated its 5th Birthday couple of weeks back and it has treated the loyal community of Raspberry Pi with the news of its lastest release Rasbperry Pi 3 Model B+.

The following are the Specifications for this immaculate looking computer with a form factor of a credit card and its own embossed Raspberry Pi logo.

Compared to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, the Model B+ has faster Local Area Network (LAN) transfer rates of upto 300 Mbps as opposed to 100Mbps and supports powering up the device from the electricity coming through ethernet cable (Power-over-Ethernet) with an addon HAT.

The device looks promising and I am sure it will excite many followers of Raspberry Pi like myself around the world.



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