Windows 10 adopts Shell

Author: Shazin Sadakath

Early last year we introduced that Windows 10 feature which allows Linux based Shells without the need of a virtual machine running. But eventhough that feature was shipped it was far from complete. But with the new Windows Terminal Microsoft has managed to fix many issues pertaining to enabling an immersive Command Line Interface experience in Windows 10 which enables some very familiar and heavy duty features which were only available for Linux users.

Following updates have been made;

It is very clear that Microsoft is heading in the direction of FOSS eventhough its flagship Operating Systems are not yet Open Source. Its cloud hosting environment mostly supports Linux distros. Now they are slowly tickling down that to the end users/developers by enabling Linux commands from within Windows 10 to familiarize and to enable interoperability.

See the following video for an introduction and read the official Microsoft Windows blog post for more information

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