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Author: Thinesh Vasee

Some Truth of Computer Programming


There are 3 Fundamental truth of computer programming as far as i know

1. Software will have bugs : The libraries you use, components you add, every line you add to the code, has potential to go wrong, if not today, may be tomorrow. Problem becomes more severe when in world of abstraction and you rely on code you don’t write.


2. Hardware will have failures : Every hardware, every server is governed by laws of physics and is bound to go down one day or another.


3. Humans will make mistakes : You can’t assume user of your program will always play by your rules, think of it as a crazy person pushing random buttons!

A well written computer program is one which in spite of above three conditions will continue to operate gracefully. for that you need to understand the programming concepts.

  1. There are only a handful of truly critical programming concepts. The way things are stored (memory), the way things run (step-by-step in most programming languages), the way things talk to each other remotely (client-server interaction in most programming projects).
  2. You can learn without the theory. it's about what user really want from us. you need understand the main purpose of the software. programming is easy if you understand the concept.
  3.  There’s no real “self-learning”. Many programmers pride themselves with being self-taught. Most programmers either

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